What is your availability?

I typically book 1-3 months out for website projects. If you’re looking for a new website or a website redesign, contact me as soon as possible so we can get you in the queue. If you have a smaller project, such as content updates or email marketing work, I can typically fit that in the same month. I’m always available for on-going monthly website maintenance.

How much does a website cost?

Most custom websites start at 5k but I also offer plans for small starter sites and landing pages. My estimates are custom to your needs and the level of features and customization that will serve you best.

Do you work on personal blogs / internal websites?

I work on B2C and B2B websites. In other words, businesses who market to customers or other businesses. For help with personal blogs, I recommend attending a local WordPress meetup group.

Do you work with nonprofits?

Yes! I love working with nonprofits. Some non-profit organizations I work with include: Just Economics of WNC, Extension Master Gardeners of Buncombe County, Carolina Farm Stewards Association, The Council on Aging of Buncombe County, South-East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction & Conservation, and CooperRiis Healing Community.

Do you work with businesses located outside North Carolina / California ?

Absolutely. I have clients located across the US and even in other countries.

Do you do SEO work / Can you make my site show up in search results?

Every site I build has a solid foundation in SEO best practices and an SEO plugin to allow you to go further on your own or with the help of an SEO expert. I have worked closely with SEO professionals for years and send referrals to them based on your needs. SEO is a complex field requiring on-going work and monitoring, so it’s best if you consult with an expert if you need to rank for specific terms or meet specific goals.

Do you provide training?

Yes, I am happy to train you or your team on how to update your website, or on specific workflows.

I built my own website, but I need help tweaking a few things. Can you fix it?

I find that it’s best if you and I work together as a team to transform your website into an online presence that truly meets your business goals. In most cases, that’s best done by starting with a new plan that we create together, instead of trying to finish a site that was started previously.