My mission is to create beautiful online experiences for passionate business owners. I build websites and provide email marketing for local businesses who want to level up their online presence. I then educate and empower business owners with the tools they need to maintain and grow their online presence to further their business goals.

Lydia Roberts sits at her desk
At work. Photo by Yancey Photo.

I became interested in web design as a teen and taught myself to code. Back then there weren’t as many opportunities to learn web design, so I learned patience, trial-and-error, and how to teach myself – skills that would come in handy later as a freelancer.

Originally from Chapel Hill, NC, I’m a UNC Asheville graduate with a degree in Multimedia. From 2014-2018 I served as an organizer of WordCamp Asheville. I love meeting other web professionals and giving back to the community.

After nearly fifteen years in Asheville, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2019. I remain committed to all my clients both near and far. For more on the move, please see my blog or follow me on instagram.

It’s important to me to peel away from the computer now and then. I enjoy hiking and traveling with my husband, nerding out over plants, reading science fiction, and generally being amused at the antics of my cats.